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Certified Master Trainer (CMT)
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You are an exceptional speaker and trainer. You shift your audiences, increasing their ability to see who they are, who they can be, allowing their amazing new lives to thrive.
And now it's your turn.
You already know that you're the one the world is waiting for. 
The Purpose Weekend
with Jennifer Hough
$5,832 for this intensive weekend!
November 5 - 6, 2021
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The practicalities of coming into your own congruence and becoming so magnetic and fluid that everyone and everything comes to you.
In this three-day intensive you will master:
  • ​Clarity of purpose how to make everything about your passion and purpose.
  • ​Authenticity - how to be magnetic, intimate, receptive, congruent with who you are and why you’re here.
  • ​Key principles of growing the number of people you affect and the amount of influence you have.
  • ​Dissolving Overwhelm as leader - how not to get bogged down in the big picture and how to stay present in your everyday, moving that purpose forward.
  • ​The physics of magnetics & sales.
  • ​Structuring your workshops for sales.
  • ​Create magnetics through the structure of your talk.
  • ​How to create exercises effortlessly that lead to results and excitement for more (and have you walk away with those exercises for your workshops).
  • ​The core distinction of having everything come to you.
  • ​How you become so fluid as to be completely congruent with your purpose.
  • ​You understand the physics of abundance and fullfilment
  • ​How to figure out your model by doing it.
  • ​Creating an Event Outline for Success - 1 Hour, Day Long, 3 Day Events?, food or not, start times, where to put exercises, how to start your event effectively, how to end your event with results for participants and results for your business.
  • ​The art of creating the relationship, and affinity before and after events - Being an expert without being a guru.
  • ​The Team/volunteers/assistance/roles you will need for a good event (from small to large), how to find them at little cost, and how to create exponential results because you have the right people (even if it's one volunteer.)
Come ready to dive in as this will be a highly interactive, roll up your sleeves, learn by doing experience. 

The EBC "Certified Master Trainer" Series is designed to powerfully connect you with who you already are - a thought leader who can powerfully move people to action; to your next leap as a speaker of influence.
Consider those moments where you’ve sat captivated while a speaker masterfully moves a room to utter stillness with their mere physical presence. Those moments when you leaped to your feet in inspiration, gratitude and joy. Those moments when your life changed so completely that there was no choice: you had to take action.
We know it when we see it - the distinction between being a great speaker to one who evolves into a world-renowned thought leader. It’s time for you to define it, embrace it and stand in a new realm of possibility with global intention.
Our Master Trainer Weekend Leaders
The EBC has strategically brought together three of the top trainers in the world who are masters at their craft, masters at personal power and presence, masters at moving an audience from inspiration to action, and masters at using your purpose to inspire others to positive change.
The EBC Certified Master Trainer Program has two goals:
  • ​To up-level your speaking business to a whole new realm, which includes growing your tribe, influence, and abundance.
  •  To train you in our high-standards model, allowing you to lead and facilitate at an EBC event. We have values, we have a mission, we have goals. The EBC also has a unique conversation in our training rooms, around influence and the etiquette of dealing with the influential. Who, as a leader, must you be to represent those on stage for the EBC? Group discussions and inquiries will evolve throughout the course, as we develop and collaborate our next level of thought leadership as an influential tribe.
These elements do not need to be completed in a specific order. Students may start at any of the three weekends. For a complete list of requirements for the full Master Trainer Program -  please click here
Come ready to dive in as this will be a highly interactive, roll up your sleeves, learn by doing experience. 
This event is limited to 40 participants
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