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Certified Master Trainer (CMT)
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Have you ever wondered how you can organize a multiple day virtual or in person event where you make a lasting impact on your audience, transform their lives and at the same time financially walk away with massive success?

When it comes to events, there are lots of fluff and manipulation techniques out there.

But here in EBC we want to share with you how to run an event with audience transformation in mind and integrity.
The Profit Weekend
How to Organize Profitable Virtual and In-Person Events
With Iman Aghay and Teresa de Grosbois
July 15th and 16th, 2021
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This event is limited to 40 participants
Come and join us for this event and learn from Iman Aghay, senior EBC member
and founder of Success Road Academy, how he has organized over 30 virtual events
in 2020 which lead in generating over $20,000,000 in leads and thousands of
 lives changed for the better.
In this two-day intensive you will discover:
  • How to create a higher end program that is aligned with your customers’ needs.
  • ​How to market your event to bring attendees aligned with your community.
  • How to bring students on board without being salesy.
  • ​What team members you need and how to recruit and compensate them.
  • How to build highly impactful and profitable events.
By the end of this training, you will walk away with your detailed virtual or in person event plan and the action steps on how to implement and profit from your event.
Come ready to dive in as this will be a highly interactive, roll up your sleeves, learn by doing experience. 
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The EBC "Certified Master Trainer Program" is designed to powerfully connect you with who you already are - a thought leader who can powerfully move people to action.
Consider those moments where you’ve sat captivated while a speaker masterfully moves a room to utter stillness with their mere physical presence. Those moments when you leaped to your feet in inspiration, gratitude and joy. Those moments when your life changed so completely that there was no choice: you had to take action.  
We know it when we see it - the distinction between being a great speaker to one who evolves into a world-renowned thought leader. It’s time for you to define it, embrace it and stand in a new realm of possibility with global intention.
Our Master Trainer Weekend Leaders
The EBC has strategically brought together three of the top trainers in the world who are masters at their craft, masters at personal power and presence, masters at moving an audience from inspiration to action, and masters at using your purpose to inspire others to positive change.
The Certified Master Trainer Program has two goals:
  • ​To up-level your speaking business to a whole new realm, which includes growing your tribe, influence, and abundance.
  • ​To train you in our high-standards model, allowing you to lead and facilitate at an EBC event. We have values, we have a mission, we have goals. The EBC also has a unique conversation in our training rooms, around influence and the etiquette of dealing with the influential. Who, as a leader, must you be to represent those on stage for the EBC? Group discussions and inquiries will evolve throughout the course, as we develop and collaborate our next level of thought leadership as an influential tribe.
These elements do not need to be completed in a specific order. Students may start at any of the three weekends. For a complete list of requirements for the full Master Trainer Program -  please click here
This event is limited to 40 participants
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