Say Hello to Your 
Unconscious Racial Biases:
You Can’t Transform What You 
Don’t Know Exists
April 16-17, 2021
Exceptional leaders have a responsibility to explore the hidden
 aspects within that limit their ability to connect, collaborate and create.
Join this groundbreaking experience to uncover your individual conditioning and wounding relative to race and racism, and discover how they limit 
your impact, influence and profit.
April 16-17, 2021

You should say yes to this experience if you:

  • Wonder if the reactions you’re having and the thoughts you’re thinking might be racist.
  • ​Face circumstances where it feels like there is tension that might be racially driven. 
  • ​Want to deepen your relationship with your inner turmoil around racism.
  • Feel numb about race-related issues and know that’s not where you want to stay.
  • Want to have a multiracial group with whom to explore this issue.
Intended Outcomes:
  •  Gain clarity around your own individual relationship to race and racism.
  • Strengthen your capacity for courageous self-awareness without judgment and self-                recrimination.
  • ​Learn to engage more confidently in racially-charged conversations and situations.
  • ​Love the aspect of you that has the bias while you transform it.
Tuesday, April 13: pre-call (12pm Pacific) 90 minutes
Friday and Saturday, April 16-17 (1.5 day virtual event)
Tuesday, April 20: post-call (12pm Pacific) 
April 16-17, 2021 (Value of $497)
Deepen relationships through trust and intimacy to build powerful alliances with leaders who are committed to global impact.
A comprehensive formula for success that will guide you on your journey with a team of colleagues to support you.
How do we express our truth beyond authenticity and vulnerability to create more connection with our business and our tribe.
Renew and update your vision for what’s next in your business anchored with goals, team engagement and a plan to implement.
Absorb powerful new techniques from established trainers, speakers, and authors are actually using to remain and increase their relevance.

Expand your reach and your relevance by being part of this cutting-edge conversation. What’s next for you? Find out here.

Leadership Team
and more to come!
April 16 - 17, 2021 (Value of $497)

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