Make A Larger Energetic Footprint!
Transform Yourself
Transform Your Business
EBC Deep Dive Retreat 
Bowen Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada
August 7-9, 2020

This is a senior member, deep-dive EBC 2 1/2 day intensive.
You’ll be elbow to elbow in a spiritual setting with some of your favourite colleagues for two and a half fun, transformative days.
Here’s what we’ve heard:
You want a high calibre of participant. So we’re giving our senior and most active members first opportunity to register for one of the 30 places available at this retreat. This will ensure a high level of leaders at the event.

You want to have a say in the design and content of your retreats. So this will be a participant-designed mastermind workshop. You’ll have the opportunity to assist in prioritizing the content and even delivering content, so this event will be fully designed to meet your needs.

You want it simple. So we’ve included 3 dinners, the breakfasts and lunches on August 7-9 with your registration. We’re bringing in healthy, whole-food cooking to accommodate special dietary needs. In addition, there are lots of great restaurants nearby for you to create small dinner gatherings with friends.

You want affordable. You can either book completely for yourself or share with a colleague at an additional low cost.


      The theme of the August Deep Dive is:
      Make A Larger Energetic Footprint!
      Transform Yourself Transform Your Business 

      Breakthrough your challenges & find the relationships and strategies you need to uplevel your influence as a transformational thought leader.

      • Become more purposeful. Your attitude, focus, and dynamics around influence.
      • Taking risks. Be that much more visible to put your message out there. 
      • Shout it out!!! Share you energetic practice.
      • ​Authenticity of vulnerability. How your vulnerability is your greatest source of connection.
      • Certainty not confidence. Living with intention, letting go of force.
      • ​Trusting your purpose and your why. To fuel your energetic footprint.
      • ​​Oneness and affinity with connection. The power of community, spirit and nature.
      • ​​Putting yourself out there. Shining your light before you arrive.
      Your retreat includes:
      • Deep-dive sessions to look at your blocks as a transformational leader.
      • Deep-dive strategy sessions to focus on increasing your impact and profit.
      • The opportunity for individual focus time so the group can help you with a specific aspect of your business.
      Envision this... You’re just setting up to launch your next book or workshop and people come out of the woodwork to support you. You’ve never felt this kind of support and energy around you until now.
      It dawns on you. The energy around what you are bringing to the world has shifted. You have amazing, deep, and powerful relationships. There’s a real army of friends around you that you can reach out to at any time. Your miracle-tribe has manifested. And all of it came from having massive fun with truly authentic people.

      This Evolutionary Business Council (EBCouncil) Deep Dive is an invitation-only event where we are gathering some of the savviest, leading-edge, conscious thought-leaders for a two-and-a-half-day experience filled with masterminding, learning from each other, and supporting each other in an unabashed fun manner. You will not only have breakthroughs around growing your influence, you will create lifelong business relationships and deep friendships with other thought leaders who also want to make a difference in the world.

      EBC DEEP DIVE RETREAT, BOWEN ISLAND, BC AUGUST 7-9, 2020 (Value of $4,997)
      Deepen relationships through trust and intimacy to build powerful alliances with leaders who are committed to global impact.
      A comprehensive formula for success that will guide you on your journey with a team of colleagues to support you.
      How do we express our truth beyond authenticity and vulnerability to create more connection with our business and our tribe.
      Renew and update your vision for what’s next in your business anchored with goals, team engagement and a plan to implement.
      Absorb powerful new techniques from established trainers, speakers, and authors are actually using to remain and increase their relevance.

      Expand your reach and your relevance by being part of this cutting-edge conversation. What’s next for you? Find out here.

      Facilitator Team
       Lead Facilitator
      Session Facilitators
      List of speakers and panelists to be announced soon
      EBC DEEP DIVE RETREAT, BOWEN ISLAND, BC AUGUST 7-9, 2020 (Value of $4,997)
      ACCOMMODATION options will be shared after registration
      All 3 dinners and the breakfasts & lunches on August 7-9 are included.

      Please ensure you arrive after 4pm. We won’t have access to the venue
      until then... but you are welcome to arrive early to enjoy the area.
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