Remaining Relevant in 2020: 
 Powerfully Evolving Your Business for 
More Impact and Influence
EBC Deep Dive Retreat 
Costa Rica
Barons Resort, #59 Vista Atenas 20501, Costa Rica

December 1-3, 2019, with optional play day 
on December 4

The Energy of Influence: 
 How Thought Leaders Create, Grow, and Utilize Influence for Impacting The World
EBC Deep Dive Retreat 
 Oceanside, California

September 12-14, 2019, with optional play day on September 15

In a noisy world where life and business are moving fast, how do you keep up with the pace of change required to keep your tribe growing and in action?

There’s a hidden aspect of influence that’s seldom discussed…
you can’t have lasting influence without relevance in all areas of your life.

At the upcoming EBC Costa Rica Deep Dive get ready to revolutionize your experience and understanding of relevance. Master the skills of staying relevant year after year as you plan how you to stay at the forefront of raising global consciousness while increasing your personal impact and influence!

This is a senior member, deep-dive EBC 2 1/2 day intensive. 
You’ll be elbow to elbow in a luxurious setting with some of your favourite colleagues for two and a half fun, impactful days. 

Here’s what we’ve heard:

  • You want a high calibre of participant. So we’re giving our senior and most active members first opportunity to register for one of the 30 places available at this retreat. This will ensure a high level of leaders at the event.
  • You want to have a say in the design and content of your retreats. So this will be a participant-designed mastermind workshop. You’ll have the opportunity to assist in prioritizing the content and even delivering content, so this event will be fully designed to meet your needs.
  • You want it simple. So we’ve included 1 Dinner, 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches with your registration. We’re bringing in healthy, whole-food cooking to accommodate special dietary needs. 
  • You want affordable. We’ve made spa treatments and airport transportation optional add-ons.
Yes! I'm ready to step into influence in a powerful way

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The Theme of the Deep Dive is the Remaining Relevant in 2020!

Now is the time to rethink relevance as leaders and as the EBC community committed to raising global consciousness. As Seth Godin says, our challenge as influencers and leaders is to “Be relevant, not loud” while still needing to be heard.

As we plan for 2020, we will examine vision, values, culture and team. We will also play in the arenas of curiosity, creativity, and culture to deepen conversations around authenticity and community. In order to mobilize and enroll your tribe, you first have to mobilize and enroll your key supporters starting with the relevant few.

So what exactly do we mean by Remaining Relevant? 
  • Become more intentional with your vision, your core values and impact.
  • Get curious about relevance. Where do you need to upgrade, refresh and renew your brand and messaging.
  • Learn powerful strategies to engage and mobilize your team and your tribe!
Your retreat includes:
  • Deep-dive sessions to look at your blocks as a transformational leader.
  • Deep-dive strategy sessions to focus on remaining relevant in 2020.
  • The opportunity for individual focus time so the group can help you with a specific aspect of your business where more relevance is needed.
At this gathering of master influencers and trainers, benefit from the wisdom and hands-on guidance of some of the top experts in their fields.

This Deep Dive will not only create a potent conceptual framework and a safe space to do deep work, but it will also reveal powerful and practical applications for your life and your business.
Join us and bring your energy and brilliance to this amazing event!

Envision this... You’re just setting up to launch your next book or workshop and people come out of the woodwork to support you. You’ve never felt this kind of support and energy around you until now.

It dawns on you. The energy around what you are bringing to the world has shifted. You have amazing, deep, and powerful relationships. There’s a real army of friends around you that you can reach out to at any time. Your miracle-tribe has manifested. And all of it came from having massive fun with truly authentic people.

This Evolutionary Business Council (EBCouncil) Deep Dive is an invitation-only event where we are gathering some of the savviest, leading-edge, conscious thought-leaders for a two-and-a-half-day experience filled with masterminding, learning from each other, and supporting each other in an unabashed fun manner. You will not only have breakthroughs around growing your influence, you will create lifelong business relationships and deep friendships with other thought leaders who also want to make a difference in the world.

Yes! I'm ready to step into influence in a powerful way
Deepen relationships through trust and intimacy to build powerful alliances with leaders who are committed to global impact.
A comprehensive formula for success that will guide you on your journey with a team of colleagues to support you.
How do we express our truth beyond authenticity and vulnerability to create more connection with our business and our tribe.
Renew and update your vision for what’s next in your business anchored with goals, team engagement and a plan to implement.
Absorb powerful new techniques from established trainers, speakers, and authors are actually using to remain and increase their relevance.

Expand your reach and your relevance by being part of this cutting-edge conversation. What’s next for you? Find out here.

Facilitator Team
 Lead Facilitator
List of Presenters
 to be announced soon

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This event is limited to 30 participants
$4,997 Value includes Mastermind, 3 dinners, 
3 breakfasts and 2 lunches during the event.

Full details will be shared after registration
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