Evolutionary Business Council
Deep Dive
December 1-3, 2019
Atenas, Costa Rica
Join the magic of the EBC in Costa Rica!

This is a senior member, deep-dive EBC 2 1/2 day intensive. You’ll be elbow to elbow in the luxurious setting with some of your favourite colleagues for two and a half fun, impactful days. Here’s what we’ve heard.
You want a high calibre of participant. So we’re giving our senior and most active members first opportunity to register for one of the 30 places available at this retreat.

This will ensure high capacity of leaders at the event.

You want to have a say in the design and content of your retreats. So this will be a participant-designed mastermind workshop. You’ll have the opportunity to assist in prioritizing the content and even delivering content, so this event will be fully designed to meet your needs.

You want it simple. So we’ve included 3 Dinner, 3 breakfasts and 2 lunches with your registration.

Dive into the world of high influence and bring more impact to the world. This mastermind will bring you closer to truly understanding the power you already have and how to leverage powerful authentic relationships.
All in an environment of fun and nurturing self-care.

Beautiful, breath-taking Costa Rica will speak to your heart and feed your soul.
This event is limited to 30 participants
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Gain increased confidence to expand in new areas personally and professionally.

A comprehensive formula for success that will guide you on your journey and lead you to achieving your higher Mission. 
Improved Communication skills to support all aspects of your business, brand and values.  

Create a clear vision for what’s next in your business anchored with goals, teamcommitment and a plan to implement.
A heightened sense of being more authentically happy and more fulfilled as you do it all.
Expand your reach and your relevance with being part of the cutting-edge conversation. What’s next for you? Find out here.

This event is limited to 30 participants
Imagine this . . . You’re just setting up your next launch and already people are coming out of the woodwork to support you. You’ve never had this kind of energy around you before.

It dawns on you. You now have some amazing deep powerful relationships in your life. There’s truly an
army of friends at your back that you can reach out to at any time when you need some quick support.
Your miracle-zone has been created. And all it took was some massive fun with some really great people.

The Evolutionary Business Council (EBCouncil) is an invitation-only event where we are gathering some of the savviest, most leading-edge conscious emerging thought-leaders for a two-and-a-half-day deep dive of masterminding, learning from each other – and supporting each other and unabridged fun. You will grow your influence, build your mastermind groups, and create lifelong business relationships (and probably some deep friendships) with other thought leaders who want to make a difference. If you take a look at who’s coming, I think you’ll agree there’s a good chance this will happen. this . . . You’re just setting up your next launch and already people are coming out of the woodwork to support you. You’ve never had this kind of energy around you before.
List of Presenters
 to be announced soon
 Your event will include:
  • Mastermind sessions to look at your blocks as a transformational leader.
  • Mastermind strategy sessions to focus on increasing your impact and profit.
  •  The opportunity for individual focus time so the group can help you with a specific aspect of your  business. 
This event is limited to 30 participants
$4,997 Value includes Mastermind, 3 nights accommodation, all meals during the event, a spa treatment and San Jose airport transfers

Full details will be shared after registration
Please note: 3 nights accommodation, meals during the Mastermind are included starting with dinner on Dec 1 and ending with breakfast Dec 3 (check out day) 2019, as well as one spa treatment and airport transfers.

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